The Motivated Pink

Prompt: Pink

Pink has been following me all day. Maybe, manipulating me is the right word. It has been forcing me into choosing it in all my decisions. When I wanted to change the theme of the keyboard layout in my phone and when I wanted to change the colour of the text in my word processor, pink has been my choice, and, in all times, a forced one. Pink is not really my favourite colour, and when I suddenly got interested in it so much, I was impatient and finally asked pink, “You’ve been calling out to me all day. I know that you are not being treated as fairly as green and orange, by being called a girly colour. But what do you possibly want from a single individual?”

Pink said, “Don’t you know? I thought you already found that out.”

“Of course I didn’t. I can’t even understand people, so how could I possibly read the mind of a colour?”

“Look around you. The text, the walls of your home, all are in pink. You are attracted towards me, and in no time I will be your favourite colour.”

“I’m sure that red is attracted towards me. Everything I buy, whose colour wasn’t my own choice, was in red. Suddenly, you took the place. By the way, if you want to know, my favourite colour is not anyone of you. It’s purple.”

“I see. Well, that’s too bad. Anyway, if anyone of your friends have pink as their favourite colour, tell them to meet me.”

“Alright, but why this much of publicity for pink?”

“If you listen, I’ll let you in on a secret.”

“Tell me.”

“We’re making everyone see the beauty of pink. It has always been considered as girly. When we make enough people choose pink as their favourite colour, pink would be in the news as the most favourite colour of all the people. In this way, we’ll dominate the world. And when the true beauty of the colour is seen, God would finally admit that it’s a nice colour. Our hard work would then be rewarded with a special place for the colour in the rainbow. Of course the pink colour would then be present when light is refracted, and our wavelength would finally take its worthy place. Now, get going and bring more people to join.”

Much time has passed, and the only thing I observed is that pink is used the most in the Indian festival of Holi, and in the frosting of cake. It did help in a small way, but pink wasn’t able to dominate the world. Their business must have been bankrupt. Here ends the story of the motivated pink, who did its best to change the minds of people, but failed like most of those attempts.


That Infinite Moment In Our Lives

Prompt: Infinite

It was just today that I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower and when I came to WordPress to write a post, what I saw as a prompt was this. I have moments, with my friends, when we were “infinite”. There was that time we took photos with my digital camera on my roof. We made so many jokes, striking such strange and odd poses. When one of us had an idea for a pose, we didn’t give it a second choice and just did it. It makes me wonder just how life is much more complicated than this.

When we were kids, we were such amazing persons. We played new games with excitement, tried new things with great curiosity and asked many questions that can’t be answered even by adults. When we had ideas about something, we just told them out loud. If we were right, we’d implement them. If we were wrong, we learn a great deal about that particular topic. We had fights at school, but at the end, we just became friends with those we fought with. Actually, as a kid, I wanted to grow up fast because I was tired of hearing, “You’ll know it when you’re older.” As a teenager, we made great risks as we came to know a lot more about the world. We take slow, hesitant steps towards finding our true selves.

When we became adults, people busy with their schedules and responsibilities, what did we do? We have all the freedom we wanted as kids. There is no one to stop us. The jobs chose us and we finally became independent. We found purpose in our jobs and our lives and we were one of the happiest people that we ever knew. Then we are told by commercials and the society that this is not where you’re supposed to be. A dream job is something where we don’t feel like we’re working. We would enjoy every moment of it. But we don’t in our present jobs, so this is not our dream job, is it? So we quit. We are told by just the same things that we would be more happy when we buy a certain car, when we buy those machines that promise we would lose weight without trying hard. And we’re desperate. And we buy more of them, and it still doesn’t give us any happiness. What else, can make us feel infinite?

The power that makes us infinite is not in anywhere else, but inside us. We don’t have to read philosophical books and practice many things that promise to give us positive things in life. We don’t need to make big changes in our lives to connect with this power. Just stop your quest for finding “more” happiness, “more” beauty etc. Just do it, and that’s all you need. Who you want to be, what life expects from you, you know the answers to all of them. Once we do that, I’m sure that life, God, the Universe, whatever you call it, will give you the perfect moment, one that you could call “infinite”.

Sorry for writing that way about jobs. I’m still a student and have no job experience, but that’s what I learned from the books I read and watching people talking about their jobs. Hope you like this post.

Closest Friends

With 2016 coming to an end, we welcomed 2017 with a nice memorable experience. Some time during the last year, I got a dream one night. I watched too much of school idol anime at that time, so my dream was related to that. In my dream, I was on the roof of my house. It’s all packed with plants in pots and there was no lighting except that of the moon. Suddenly, all the roofs of the houses lit up (except ours), and I heard music with energetic voices. A few girls on every roof came forward, singing and dancing, everyone ending their performances at the same time, the music slowly ending. I was looking at them, wide-eyed and completely dazzled at their shining, joyful eyes. I wanted to sing and dance and enjoy myself like them. At that time, looking at them, I promised myself that I will definitely do the same and shine like them.

Here, tonight, I’m standing on the roof my house. I wasn’t alone like in that dream. I have my closest friends surrounding me. There’s no common interest that connects us. Our personalities are completely different. But, even if we all see the world differently, there’s a strong connection between us that doesn’t depend on who we are for the world, that connection that is beyond everything material. We’re not the perfect circle of friends. Most of the time, it’s me who makes trouble. But at the end, we all accept our imperfections and set better boundaries, which gives us more freedom.

I hope this year, you will accept and love yourself, and find that friend who will take you to the right path, in yourself. Let’s welcome the new year, to better problems.

Intuition and Flattery

Prompt: Flattery

Just recently, I mean, a few weeks ago, I understood the power of intuition. It can be very powerful indeed, and just the required amount of it is enough for us to find the beauty in everyday life, to have a deep connection with all that is around us and to live an extraordinary life.I haven’t gotten grip on it, so I searched for a deeper understanding, how I can tap in to my intuition and stay connected with it.

One of my attempts were some inspirational messages which are sent to our emails. For the first few days, though I knew their power, I felt strange. All of them were praising us for all the little things we did, and how amazing we are. And I thought, ‘If all of this about intuition is this amazing, why aren’t other people aware of it?’ Whenever I tried doing that in the real world, people looked at me as if I was talking in a language they didn’t know. When I praised them normally, they would just listen. They are just not aware that something such as intuition exists. They don’t realize it’s within all of them, this flicker of light that never burns out.

Every one of us can tap into this power which lies within. When we resolve to do this and be fearless about achieving our dreams, we would create a limitless world. This is part of our lives. We are all alive, wide awake, and have the most beautiful gifts the creation has ever given to living beings. Let’s cherish it while we can.

A New Beginning

Prompt: Careful

In July of this month, I became a student of computer science. When I was in high school, I had a lot of dreams about college. A new beginning, bright hopes. A faraway college, which pushes me to be more than who I am, at which I can find like-minded people who wouldn’t be hesitating to take small steps, a place where I belong. I didn’t believe that I can stay here and yet belong at the same time. This place doesn’t understand me, and if such a person as me exists, there should be a place I belong. There’s a place for every kind of person in this world. In such a big land, there should be a place for me. I believed that I deserve more than just a local college. A famous university was my goal.

I ended up joining in a local college. It was the best in my city, but not the best in the state. Mostly every limit which we see or think, is only a limit we put ourselves. I met two people who dared to stand and talk in front of the class. Also, there was one teacher who, I believed, understood my deepest thoughts which I had never given voice to, because I thought people would laugh at me.

During these three months, I had learnt a lot about myself, and also some of the qualities which are needed to succeed in the field I have chosen. These are the things I have learned:

  1. Be yourself. Carefully observe your thoughts. We are what we think. You already have everything to achieve your dreams. It’s up to you to follow them.
  2. Don’t compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with your past. Strive to be better than you are yesterday.
  3. Follow your own way. There was a classmate of mine which I wanted to be close to, because there was not at least one student in my section who I knew deeply and who I can get help if I need any. She isn’t someone who accepts me as who I am, or disapproves me. I was just a classmate to her. Not an acquaintance, or a friend. Just someone she knew. Be with people you care about, and who you believe are right. And most importantly, don’t change for their sake.

I’m carefully and slowly taking the steps to this new way of life. Hope this post has reminded you of some important things.

A Lost Kitten

This morning, I found a kitten near our neighbour’s house. It was probably a few days old. It was black, and couldn’t open its eyes yet. It had a small dark nose, with legs so small that it couldn’t get up. Was it dead? I caressed it slowly over its head, and its whole back moved when it breathed. It slowly turned its head left and right and started to purr. It was a high-pitched scream for its mother who is nowhere near it. I caressed it again over it’s head. It turned towards me and screamed louder. But I couldn’t take care of it. It’s mother would come. I hoped she would come. I walked away as it tried to search for warmth in the unfamiliar place it ended up in. When I was about to go to college, my mother told me that our house owners had thrown it away at the side of a road. I wouldn’t go into details about my opinion on that, but you could see how inhuman it was. It was a living thing, and it needed help and warmth. I wish people would think about the lives of the lost animals, especially the babies, which need as much of love as you and me.

I often feel a deep sense of connection when I see an animal in real life. When I am completely at ease with it, I feel that this bond is complete and true. It has no lies, no betrayal and no feelings of hurt. If you ever see a lost, helpless kitten or a dog, do as much as you can to help it.

The Uncertain Path Ahead

Prompt: Journey

I’ve been going to my new college since a week. It started on July 1st. Until now, we’ve been asked to talk on stage so many times and listen to the faculty talk about the same things again and again that I’ve now completely forgotten what they have been talking about. Every day is a struggle. A struggle to show our classmates, teachers and seniors to show what our thoughts, aims and goals are. All the students just sit not talking and get more scolding from them.

When I was in 12th grade, I dreamed of a different place where I belong without struggle, where everyone is open to change. I believed that my journey will definitely take me there soon. But now, never in my life have I thought I’d find myself in such a place as this. Everyone are so timid, mostly no one opens up and that is such a problem when we waste time waiting for someone to speak. But deep down, everyone tries their best. It’s hard for me to believe it right now. But I still do. Everyone does try their best at whatever they do, because they want to be the best and because of the desire to be important. I can understand where I’m going. But the path and the journey that takes me there is uncertain.

If this journey of mine can inspire others to choose what they want in their lives, that would definitely give a smile to my face and make me work harder towards helping others and making them happy.