Who I Am

Welcome to my blog. I am Sakura, a 17-year-old girl from India who completed high school. I love reading books and manga, watching anime, listening to songs and sometimes play games. The reason for creating this blog (and also changing it from A Citizen of Nature) is because I want to open up. I want to reach out to the world and inspire people to believe in themselves. Being a timid person I am, I want to be vulnerable and show myself to the world. My beliefs and principles came from the society I’ve been living in since I was born. I’ve never traveled anywhere far, but I still have an open mind. I hate gender bias. The belief that men are better, smarter, stronger (you name it) than women.

I like having deep conversations. I want to know what people believe in, why they believe in it and what keeps them moving forward, so I can learn more about them. I am a big fan of Michael Jackson and David Bowie. I do listen to some anime songs and Vocaloid, but I like listening to them more than anyone else.

What I want to achieve through this blog: Inspire at least one person to get out of their comfort zone and express themselves, know more about myself and the others and most of all, stay as the strangest human.

Hope you’ll enjoy my blog 🙂


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