A Search For My Purpose

Prompt: Purpose

I have always been searching for my purpose. I ask myself a lot of questions like, “What are the things I like to do?” I always get answers like doing origami, MMORPGs, playing flash games, earning achievements in gaming websites and a lot of stuff which leads to nowhere. So I decided, instead of asking questions, I’d go back to my childhood days and try to know what I liked then. I liked watching Disney movies like Sleeping Beauty (that was my favourite) and Lion King. And even if I liked painting and drawing, I wanted to be a teacher. Because school was the only other place I knew then, after home. That’s not going to help. Fast-forward a couple of years to a new place, when I was going to high school. I think purpose and our career are somehow connected. At that time, what I wanted to be was a software engineer ‘just like everyone else’. But when our languages teacher told us to draw what your ambition is on the first page, I drew “Graphic designing”. I used that to remind myself that that was my goal. But maybe I haven’t got that creativity to actually do that. I’ve still got four years left to think.

But, still, maybe purpose and career are connected, but not as related as I think. I’ve always been thinking “This society is rotten” (And yep I am a big Death Note fan). This society is full of people who discriminate others based on their gender. I hate that, up to the point I see the discrimination in the most unlikeliest of all places.

Finding our purpose is very hard, but I’m sure it will eventually come to us, fluttering like a butterfly and flying away like a bird freed from a cage if we don’t catch it.


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