Three Different Teachers

Prompt: First!

It might be different in other countries, but let me call it high school. We call it junior college here. I was 15 back then and very curious about how this school would look like. Two years before, I studied at St. Theresa’s. This new school, Sri Chaitanya Junior College, was mostly like that, but there’s one thing missing: A playground. I had a friend with me. I saw most of my classmates from the previous years greet me. I was already acquainted with a student.

First of all, a teacher came. He had a serious expression on his face. With that same face, he asked us our names and how much GPA we’ve got in 10th grade. The maximum we could get is 10. He talked mostly about bridge courses (conducted in May). He teaches English. After 45 minutes, his class was over. This time, another man came. His appearance is mostly like that of a villain in a typical Tollywood film. Before me, my friend pointed it out. He told us that too, that he knows what we thought about him. He was the funniest teacher we’ve ever seen that day. He was a math faculty. The next class, a dark and tall man came. He told us about the choices offered by our school to choose a second language. There are… 14 languages, including French and Japanese. We can choose a foreign language. But we are not told that before, when we were joining. They chose Sanskrit for everyone. Probably because the faculty for foreign languages don’t exist. If I knew about it before, I’d have tried to choose Japanese.

This time it was a woman. The first woman faculty we’ve seen. She was a bit short and dark, and from my experience, people who look like that were always (believe me, it was true in my previous schools) biology teachers. What is she doing here? I chose math, physics and chemistry. MPC. She turned out to be a physics faculty. My favourite subject! While she was explaining things, she chose me and asked my name. She used me as an example in explaining a physics concept.

There were some other teachers I’ve met that day, but these were the most memorable. They taught us last year too. They taught me a lot more than just their subject. They taught me the human nature, and the ways we could deal with people. They wanted me to be the best, but that wasn’t what I actually did. That was the best time ever!


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