An Interesting MMO

Today, I was looking for some games to play when I saw this: Kira Online. Since I was an anime fan, I knew where this was going. Death Note. Without a second thought, I chose to play that game. I acted like an idiot before the people I played with, as if I can’t think much and was just an ordinary person (which I’m not), and I survived for merely a second before someone shot me, or killed me because they thought I was a killer. Kira is how Japanese say for “Killer”. Here’s what the game’s all about, and what made me like it:

There are three kinds of people in the game – Kira, Detectives and Civilians. There are more among them, sniper, nurse etc. In each game, at night, Kira kills one of the people. The next day, people decide to choose who they think is Kira. Then the person who gets the most votes is killed and their identity is revealed. If all Kira are caught, the detective side (blue) wins. If they are not caught and all the cops/detectives are killed, Kira’s (red) side wins.

I can clearly say that it was inspired by Death Note, because, there are spelling or grammar mistakes (which might reveal that the person who made the game/typed those words is from a country with English as foreign language), I saw Hatsune Miku in the first page (A Japanese vocaloid) and Kira is identified with red color (Light’s hair changes into that, you know) and Detectives, blue (L). The gameplay is the same too. Kira kills people, both cops and innocent people and cops try to find him and kill him, while they also kill innocent people. Only here, there are no criminals.

I was sometimes Kira and sometimes a cop. When I was Kira, somehow people found it out. I was killed for a lot of times. Actually, I tried to be very funny and idiotic. Maybe that’s why I was killed. In one game when I was Kira, the host wanted Kira to kill him. He said “Kill me.” So I did it. He said I was Kira. And people agreed to him. I shouldn’t have done it, but wondered how it will be if I did. I was caught, somehow.

It was an interesting game to play. I played it on Kongregate. What made it different and what I liked, was the ability to chat with other players regarding the game. Everyone, whether they are Kira, detective or civilian, has the chance to talk to others. This makes us choose someone we think might be Kira, using the words they say. If someone was killed, they could leave a message on the screen in front of them. It’s a nice game to play for those familiar with Death Note and everyone interested in detectives, killers, MMOs and RPGs.


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