The Uncertain Path Ahead

Prompt: Journey

I’ve been going to my new college since a week. It started on July 1st. Until now, we’ve been asked to talk on stage so many times and listen to the faculty talk about the same things again and again that I’ve now completely forgotten what they have been talking about. Every day is a struggle. A struggle to show our classmates, teachers and seniors to show what our thoughts, aims and goals are. All the students just sit not talking and get more scolding from them.

When I was in 12th grade, I dreamed of a different place where I belong without struggle, where everyone is open to change. I believed that my journey will definitely take me there soon. But now, never in my life have I thought I’d find myself in such a place as this. Everyone are so timid, mostly no one opens up and that is such a problem when we waste time waiting for someone to speak. But deep down, everyone tries their best. It’s hard for me to believe it right now. But I still do. Everyone does try their best at whatever they do, because they want to be the best and because of the desire to be important. I can understand where I’m going. But the path and the journey that takes me there is uncertain.

If this journey of mine can inspire others to choose what they want in their lives, that would definitely give a smile to my face and make me work harder towards helping others and making them happy.


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