A Lost Kitten

This morning, I found a kitten near our neighbour’s house. It was probably a few days old. It was black, and couldn’t open its eyes yet. It had a small dark nose, with legs so small that it couldn’t get up. Was it dead? I caressed it slowly over its head, and its whole back moved when it breathed. It slowly turned its head left and right and started to purr. It was a high-pitched scream for its mother who is nowhere near it. I caressed it again over it’s head. It turned towards me and screamed louder. But I couldn’t take care of it. It’s mother would come. I hoped she would come. I walked away as it tried to search for warmth in the unfamiliar place it ended up in. When I was about to go to college, my mother told me that our house owners had thrown it away at the side of a road. I wouldn’t go into details about my opinion on that, but you could see how inhuman it was. It was a living thing, and it needed help and warmth. I wish people would think about the lives of the lost animals, especially the babies, which need as much of love as you and me.

I often feel a deep sense of connection when I see an animal in real life. When I am completely at ease with it, I feel that this bond is complete and true. It has no lies, no betrayal and no feelings of hurt. If you ever see a lost, helpless kitten or a dog, do as much as you can to help it.


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