A New Beginning

Prompt: Careful

In July of this month, I became a student of computer science. When I was in high school, I had a lot of dreams about college. A new beginning, bright hopes. A faraway college, which pushes me to be more than who I am, at which I can find like-minded people who wouldn’t be hesitating to take small steps, a place where I belong. I didn’t believe that I can stay here and yet belong at the same time. This place doesn’t understand me, and if such a person as me exists, there should be a place I belong. There’s a place for every kind of person in this world. In such a big land, there should be a place for me. I believed that I deserve more than just a local college. A famous university was my goal.

I ended up joining in a local college. It was the best in my city, but not the best in the state. Mostly every limit which we see or think, is only a limit we put ourselves. I met two people who dared to stand and talk in front of the class. Also, there was one teacher who, I believed, understood my deepest thoughts which I had never given voice to, because I thought people would laugh at me.

During these three months, I had learnt a lot about myself, and also some of the qualities which are needed to succeed in the field I have chosen. These are the things I have learned:

  1. Be yourself. Carefully observe your thoughts. We are what we think. You already have everything to achieve your dreams. It’s up to you to follow them.
  2. Don’t compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with your past. Strive to be better than you are yesterday.
  3. Follow your own way. There was a classmate of mine which I wanted to be close to, because there was not at least one student in my section who I knew deeply and who I can get help if I need any. She isn’t someone who accepts me as who I am, or disapproves me. I was just a classmate to her. Not an acquaintance, or a friend. Just someone she knew. Be with people you care about, and who you believe are right. And most importantly, don’t change for their sake.

I’m carefully and slowly taking the steps to this new way of life. Hope this post has reminded you of some important things.


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