Intuition and Flattery

Prompt: Flattery

Just recently, I mean, a few weeks ago, I understood the power of intuition. It can be very powerful indeed, and just the required amount of it is enough for us to find the beauty in everyday life, to have a deep connection with all that is around us and to live an extraordinary life.I haven’t gotten grip on it, so I searched for a deeper understanding, how I can tap in to my intuition and stay connected with it.

One of my attempts were some inspirational messages which are sent to our emails. For the first few days, though I knew their power, I felt strange. All of them were praising us for all the little things we did, and how amazing we are. And I thought, ‘If all of this about intuition is this amazing, why aren’t other people aware of it?’ Whenever I tried doing that in the real world, people looked at me as if I was talking in a language they didn’t know. When I praised them normally, they would just listen. They are just not aware that something such as intuition exists. They don’t realize it’s within all of them, this flicker of light that never burns out.

Every one of us can tap into this power which lies within. When we resolve to do this and be fearless about achieving our dreams, we would create a limitless world. This is part of our lives. We are all alive, wide awake, and have the most beautiful gifts the creation has ever given to living beings. Let’s cherish it while we can.


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