Closest Friends

With 2016 coming to an end, we welcomed 2017 with a nice memorable experience. Some time during the last year, I got a dream one night. I watched too much of school idol anime at that time, so my dream was related to that. In my dream, I was on the roof of my house. It’s all packed with plants in pots and there was no lighting except that of the moon. Suddenly, all the roofs of the houses lit up (except ours), and I heard music with energetic voices. A few girls on every roof came forward, singing and dancing, everyone ending their performances at the same time, the music slowly ending. I was looking at them, wide-eyed and completely dazzled at their shining, joyful eyes. I wanted to sing and dance and enjoy myself like them. At that time, looking at them, I promised myself that I will definitely do the same and shine like them.

Here, tonight, I’m standing on the roof my house. I wasn’t alone like in that dream. I have my closest friends surrounding me. There’s no common interest that connects us. Our personalities are completely different. But, even if we all see the world differently, there’s a strong connection between us that doesn’t depend on who we are for the world, that connection that is beyond everything material. We’re not the perfect circle of friends. Most of the time, it’s me who makes trouble. But at the end, we all accept our imperfections and set better boundaries, which gives us more freedom.

I hope this year, you will accept and love yourself, and find that friend who will take you to the right path, in yourself. Let’s welcome the new year, to better problems.


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