That Infinite Moment In Our Lives

Prompt: Infinite

It was just today that I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower and when I came to WordPress to write a post, what I saw as a prompt was this. I have moments, with my friends, when we were “infinite”. There was that time we took photos with my digital camera on my roof. We made so many jokes, striking such strange and odd poses. When one of us had an idea for a pose, we didn’t give it a second choice and just did it. It makes me wonder just how life is much more complicated than this.

When we were kids, we were such amazing persons. We played new games with excitement, tried new things with great curiosity and asked many questions that can’t be answered even by adults. When we had ideas about something, we just told them out loud. If we were right, we’d implement them. If we were wrong, we learn a great deal about that particular topic. We had fights at school, but at the end, we just became friends with those we fought with. Actually, as a kid, I wanted to grow up fast because I was tired of hearing, “You’ll know it when you’re older.” As a teenager, we made great risks as we came to know a lot more about the world. We take slow, hesitant steps towards finding our true selves.

When we became adults, people busy with their schedules and responsibilities, what did we do? We have all the freedom we wanted as kids. There is no one to stop us. The jobs chose us and we finally became independent. We found purpose in our jobs and our lives and we were one of the happiest people that we ever knew. Then we are told by commercials and the society that this is not where you’re supposed to be. A dream job is something where we don’t feel like we’re working. We would enjoy every moment of it. But we don’t in our present jobs, so this is not our dream job, is it? So we quit. We are told by just the same things that we would be more happy when we buy a certain car, when we buy those machines that promise we would lose weight without trying hard. And we’re desperate. And we buy more of them, and it still doesn’t give us any happiness. What else, can make us feel infinite?

The power that makes us infinite is not in anywhere else, but inside us. We don’t have to read philosophical books and practice many things that promise to give us positive things in life. We don’t need to make big changes in our lives to connect with this power. Just stop your quest for finding “more” happiness, “more” beauty etc. Just do it, and that’s all you need. Who you want to be, what life expects from you, you know the answers to all of them. Once we do that, I’m sure that life, God, the Universe, whatever you call it, will give you the perfect moment, one that you could call “infinite”.

Sorry for writing that way about jobs. I’m still a student and have no job experience, but that’s what I learned from the books I read and watching people talking about their jobs. Hope you like this post.


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