The Motivated Pink

Prompt: Pink

Pink has been following me all day. Maybe, manipulating me is the right word. It has been forcing me into choosing it in all my decisions. When I wanted to change the theme of the keyboard layout in my phone and when I wanted to change the colour of the text in my word processor, pink has been my choice, and, in all times, a forced one. Pink is not really my favourite colour, and when I suddenly got interested in it so much, I was impatient and finally asked pink, “You’ve been calling out to me all day. I know that you are not being treated as fairly as green and orange, by being called a girly colour. But what do you possibly want from a single individual?”

Pink said, “Don’t you know? I thought you already found that out.”

“Of course I didn’t. I can’t even understand people, so how could I possibly read the mind of a colour?”

“Look around you. The text, the walls of your home, all are in pink. You are attracted towards me, and in no time I will be your favourite colour.”

“I’m sure that red is attracted towards me. Everything I buy, whose colour wasn’t my own choice, was in red. Suddenly, you took the place. By the way, if you want to know, my favourite colour is not anyone of you. It’s purple.”

“I see. Well, that’s too bad. Anyway, if anyone of your friends have pink as their favourite colour, tell them to meet me.”

“Alright, but why this much of publicity for pink?”

“If you listen, I’ll let you in on a secret.”

“Tell me.”

“We’re making everyone see the beauty of pink. It has always been considered as girly. When we make enough people choose pink as their favourite colour, pink would be in the news as the most favourite colour of all the people. In this way, we’ll dominate the world. And when the true beauty of the colour is seen, God would finally admit that it’s a nice colour. Our hard work would then be rewarded with a special place for the colour in the rainbow. Of course the pink colour would then be present when light is refracted, and our wavelength would finally take its worthy place. Now, get going and bring more people to join.”

Much time has passed, and the only thing I observed is that pink is used the most in the Indian festival of Holi, and in the frosting of cake. It did help in a small way, but pink wasn’t able to dominate the world. Their business must have been bankrupt. Here ends the story of the motivated pink, who did its best to change the minds of people, but failed like most of those attempts.

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